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European impregnation companies come together

Norman Hay plc has successfully acquired the share capital of Internationale Metall IMPrägnier GmbH (IMP) and the assets of Ing Hubert Maldaner GmbH (Maldaner).

The acquisition further strengthens the clear industry leadership position of Ultraseal International, a Norman Hay company, in the development, manufacture and global supply of impregnation sealants, equipment and services for sealing porosity and leak paths in die cast, sintered and electrical components.

Headquartered in Germany, IMP and Maldaner develop, manufacture and supply impregnation sealants and impregnation process equipment on a global basis and also provide impregnation services to customers in Europe through job shops located in Langenfeld, Leipzig and Unterensingen.

Norman Hay, headquartered in Coventry, UK, is a global chemical, sealant, surface coatings and engineering specialist with more than seventy years trading history. Norman Hay operates in three main business areas: surface coatings, with Surface Technology and SIFCO ASC; impregnation sealants, equipment and services with Ultraseal; which also encompasses the Sterr & Eder Group from Landshut, Germany; and process plant and equipment with NHE.

Vic Bellanti, chief executive of Norman Hay said: “This acquisition represents an excellent strategic fit with the Norman Hay business, further extending the group’s successful global impregnation product and service proposition, developing our customer base and strengthening our European manufacturing capability.”