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Money-saving service schemes to reward loyalty

19 Oct 23
The opportunity for a free of charge service and a free of charge breakdown callout is now available for Meltech customers as part of what is thought to be the world’s first furnace equipment...

Megacasting solution unveiled in Europe

10 Aug 23
Bühler presented its megacasting solution, the Carat 840, to customers and partners for the first time in Europe at the ‘Megacasting unveiled’ event in Austria in June. During the...

The amazing story of YIZUMI

04 Jul 23
With its most modern manufacturing facilities inaugurated by the end of 2022 and its state-of-the-art technology solutions to die cast ultra-large-structural body-in-white castings, YIZUMI has...

Real time solution for real time issues

23 Apr 23
Following on from the successful launch of Omega Connect, Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery Ltd is keen to remind the industry of the benefits of committing to the principles of a truly connected...

Advancing foundry digitalisation

23 Apr 23
Monitizer, part of Norican Group (DISA, Simpson Technologies, Wheelabrator, StrikoWestofen and ItalPresseGauss), and ABP Induction Systems have agreed to build links between their...

Good morning sunshine

09 Mar 23
The sky’s the limit for the leading foundry equipment manufacturer with a significant investment in solar photovoltaic technology to help power them through the coming years. Having...

Circular project gives foundry financial support

09 Mar 23
An optimisation project has increased the number of so-called ‘doughnut briquettes’ in BIRN’s melting of iron from 15 to 25 per cent. In addition to keeping material costs down, the...

Rotary melting flexibility

21 Dec 22
In response to demand for furnaces capable of melting more than one metal without contaminative carry over between different product batches, Monometer has demonstrated the effectiveness of rotary...

Ultra large diecasting machine

25 Oct 22
An important step for YIZUMI into the era of ultra large integrated structural diecastings Recently, YIZUMI signed up to a strategic co-operation agreement for the LEAP series 9000T ultra large...