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Aluminised Clothing – when should it be worn?

05 Jun 24
Aluminised clothing is a form of personal protective equipment (PPE) that is designed to protect the wearer from two common types of risk which occur in the foundry and castings industry: molten...

LEAP – Diecasting Technology

13 Mar 24
World class diecasting technology solutions from YIZUMI. The future looks bright Aluminum and magnesium alloys offer considerable design benefits. With their advantageous weight-to-strength...

It all started with a splash!

06 Mar 24
What’s the biggest personal health risk in a company? Is it respiratory hazards, caused by silica in the sand-casting process? Or is it burns caused by molten metal splash during melting and...

Money-saving service schemes to reward loyalty

19 Oct 23
The opportunity for a free of charge service and a free of charge breakdown callout is now available for Meltech customers as part of what is thought to be the world’s first furnace equipment...

Megacasting solution unveiled in Europe

10 Aug 23
Bühler presented its megacasting solution, the Carat 840, to customers and partners for the first time in Europe at the ‘Megacasting unveiled’ event in Austria in June. During the...

The amazing story of YIZUMI

04 Jul 23
With its most modern manufacturing facilities inaugurated by the end of 2022 and its state-of-the-art technology solutions to die cast ultra-large-structural body-in-white castings, YIZUMI has...