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Could this be the largest rollover in the world?

As part of a large Chinese contract, Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd has just finished pre-despatch tests on the Size 9 Rollover. This machine is 6000mm x 4000mm x 6300mm h and weighs 34 tonnes.  It will be capable of rotating and stripping a pattern size of 3500mm x 2500mm x 875mm h.

This is the largest rollover ever made by Omega and, as far as is known, by any other manufacturer.

The design is such that it can be split in two for transportation and shipping. It has dual oil motor drives with other standard Omega features such as hydraulic powered carriages, encoder motor rotational control and multiple ‘proof of draw’ sensors.

The unit has been designed to strip the moulds that are produced on a large flaskless Omega shuttle moulding line that will be producing hefty parts for the helicopter industry.