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Coating range for the production of cylinder liners by the centrifugal casting process

Foseco has launched the SPUNCOTE SP coating range for the production of cylinder liners by the centrifugal casting process.

These coatings have been especially developed to influence the cast surface texture of the cylinder liner so that it can be cast directly into an aluminium cylinder block without the need for external machining. Specific formulations are available to deliver surface textures that range from a fine roughness, through a spine like structure to a unique worm-like appearance.

When casting around a grey iron cylinder liner it is essential that an intimate physical bond is created between the aluminium and iron after solidification, as the creation of voids will lead to poor thermal transfer and the risk of slight movements in operation, reducing the life expectancy of the block. Through the use of SPUNCOTE SP coating and the associated application technology, surface textures can be created that minimise the creation of voids regardless of the aluminium casting technology; cylinder liners can be produced that can be effectively used for sand casting, high pressure, low pressure or gravity diecasting.

Additionally, the coatings have additional benefits including:

  • The refractory filler is highly resistant to the high temperature of the liquid iron and has good insulation properties. ?
  • The coating has optimal drying properties when applied on to the hot die, without any spalling or the formation of craters or blisters, ensuring the cast surface is free from pin-holes, blemishes or entrapped coating material. ?
  • Excellent releasing properties to avoid any problems during the removal of the cylinder liners from the die. The release properties are not only important for productivity but also extending the in-service life of the die.
  • The coating is ready for use which means that no further additions (such as soap) are needed before application. ?

Contact: Paul Jeffs, UK technical manager, email: [email protected]