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Being well prepared for the future

In the dynamic world of diecasting manufacturing, industry leaders who combine expertise with innovation are instrumental in driving advancements. Stefan Fritsche, the chief strategy officer of YIZUMI Die Casting and Metal Molding, stands out as a notable figure in this regard. With over four years of tightly co-operating with YIZUMI, Stefan Fritsche plays a vital role in shaping the company’s strategic direction and driving innovation in diecasting.

Here, we delve into the remarkable journey of Stefan Fritsche in YIZUMI, exploring his contributions and relentless pursuit of excellence in diecasting manufacturing. We also uncover his strategic initiatives, the corporate roadmap for future development, and his dedication to advancing the diecasting industry.

A primary objective – top-three global ranking in the diecasting industry

YIZUMI’s ambition to secure a top-three global ranking in the diecasting sector underscores Fritsche’s vision. He emphasises the importance of advanced technologies in large structural castings, which will ultimately determine market influence and competitiveness.

Beyond revenue, YIZUMI's ‘Top-3’ objective signifies becoming a world-class turnkey solution provider. By deeply understanding customer processes, YIZUMI develops user-friendly diecasting machines and solutions that empower customers to thrive in their markets. The aim is to cultivate valuable partnerships, offering leading technologies and services that fuel mutual growth.

Making full use of YIZUMI’s own advantages and aspiring to be a world-class brand

Fritsche recognises the significance of leveraging unique advantages to establish YIZUMI as a world-class brand. The company’s overseas revenue growth and strategic investments, such as the India Gujarat factory, exemplify this commitment to global expansion. YIZUMI’s ‘glocalisation’ strategy involves localised operations near key markets to foster customer collaboration and enhance competitiveness. The establishment of overseas factories, R&D centres, and technical hubs underscores YIZUMI’s international presence.

Talent fostering and technology development – strong driving forces

YIZUMI’s focus on talent development and technology innovation provide the platform for the company’s global development. The establishment of R&D centres in Germany and China showcases the company’s commitment to cutting-edge research. Proximity to academic institutions enhances YIZUMI’s expertise in plastics processing and lightweight applications. 

Looking Ahead

Proudly looking back to a very successful 20-year YIZUMI development marked by strong growth, Fritsche has enjoyed being part of the dynamic YIZUMI team over the last four years and is excited and proud to support YIZUMI to continue building up competitive capabilities and grow together with customers internationally.

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