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Acquisition will set the benchmark in investment casting

In what is expected to be a boost to innovation within the investment castings industry, Texmo Precision Castings is to acquire a majority share of German company Feinguss Blank. Following the acquisition, the company will trade as Texmo Blank – the only investment castings specialist capable of manufacturing in the USA, Europe and Asia. 

Texmo Blank combines the history and manufacturing excellence of Feinguss Blank, with Texmo Precision Castings’ like-minded focus on quality precision casting, as well as its customer base and infrastructure. The company will employ a skilled workforce of more than 1,750 and utilise one million square foot of manufacturing space across three continents.

The companies say the participation will lead to “synergy effects and growth.” The specialisations of the individual companies in the automotive, industrial solutions, medical technology and aerospace sectors united under the Texmo Blank umbrella will make it possible to serve an expanded customer segment. The Texmo Blank Group can draw on expertise and innovations from more than 130 years of combined experience. Customers will optimally benefit from Texmo Blank because the group will continuously invest in its processes and thus ensure cost efficiency.

Both companies have reputations as family-run businesses with a focus on quality over all else. The collaboration between them will see the standard of casting synonymous with both Feinguss Blank and Texmo Precision Castings preserved, as well as greater sustainability for Texmo Blank as a whole. The Blank family will continue to hold a minority share in Texmo Blank Germany.

Arjunan Ramachandran, managing director Texmo Precision Castings, said: “It gives me great pleasure to be able to announce our new collective identity as Texmo Blank. The opportunity to join forces with a firm as respected as Feinguss Blank is an exciting one for everybody involved, and innovation will lead the way as we grow together.

“Few companies can match the combined knowledge of Texmo Precision Castings and Feinguss Blank when it comes to quality and service in investment casting. By combining expertise, experience and passion, Texmo Blank will operate on a global scale and provide a wider range of products and services to a broader customer base. Our growth and resources will also enable us to continue to support our customers with world-class delivery times, a superior service offering and cost efficiencies.

“As companies that are like-minded in many ways – from a shared commitment to sustainability and quality to a family-led culture – Feinguss Blank and Texmo are a perfect fit. This provides the basis for joint growth. I am convinced that Texmo Blank will inspire the investment casting industry.”

Welcoming Texmo Blank Juliane Blank, managing director Blank Holding GmbH, added: “For more than sixty years, Blank has created a name for itself in the investment casting world that is well-known in German-speaking countries, but now also well beyond. In the process, the Blank family has always put the wellbeing and further development of the company first.

‘The continuous globalisation of the last thirty years shows a clear trend that makes it necessary for a company like ours to position itself worldwide in order to be successful. We are very happy to be working with the Texmo Group and the Ramachandran family to make Blank a strong global company. We are particularly pleased that two family businesses have found each other here, based on similar values and history, and can thus combine their strengths globally.”

Texmo Precision Castings is a family-owned investment casting specialist based in the UK. The company grew out of Texmo Industries, which was founded in 1956 and is active in the manufacture of pumps. Texmo Industries has its origins in Coimbatore, India, and has a turnover of over $200 million. 

The name Feinguss Blank is synonymous with world-class German engineering quality. The renowned company, whose origins date back to 1960, produces high quality investment castings for the automotive and industrial sectors. The company counts high end automotive, industrial and aerospace companies among its customers.

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