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World Foundry Congress 2016

The event in Nagoya, Japan, from 21st to 25th May 2016, looks to disseminate information on the further development of casting engineering, bringing together researchers and engineers to deepen mutual exchange. Held every two years, the World Foundry Congress has become synonymous with being a valuable opportunity to exchange the latest information between the global foundry industry – foundrymen, suppliers, students, researchers and academics.
In addition to oral presentations and meetings, the organisers of the 2016 congress – the World Foundry Organization and the Japan Foundry Society - are planning a variety of events to enable delegates to experience the traditional culture of Japan. 
WFC 2016 will be held in Nagoya, the third largest city in Japan. Nagoya is located almost in the centre of Honshu, as one of the ‘manufacturing’ regions of Japan. 
Along with two days of technical presentations, social programme, cultural programme and accompanying persons programme there will be an exhibition of products and services from supply companies and the opportunity to visit some impressive facilities on one of the six works visit tours organised as part of the event.


Cast iron production factory tours
Course 1:
Solder casting (Handa City, Aichi) – V process and counterweight for forklift casting products
Toyota Industries Higashichita Plant (Handa City, Aichi) – producer of engines and aluminium casting parts

Course 2:
Aisin Takaoka Co Ltd Head Office Plant (Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture) – production of automotive exhaust system parts, drive system parts, brake parts for cast steel production
Matsubara Function Factory (Seki, Gifu Prefecture) - automobile parts, compressor parts, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, industrial machinery parts for FC parts production

Cast iron tycoon factory tour 
Course 3:

Kurita Water Industries Ltd Daito Plant (Kakegawa, Shizuoka) - industrial machinery and machine tools
Kimura Foundry Omaezaki Plant (Shizuoka Prefecture Omaezaki) - pressure diecasting, machine tool castings and industrial machinery castings

Aluminum casting plant and equipment factory tour 
Course 4:

Aichi Machine Industry Co Ltd Matsusaka Plant (Mie Prefecture Matsusaka City) - engine transmission and drive for aluminum diecast parts
DMG Mori Seiki Co Ltd Iga Plant (Mie Prefecture Iga City) - global solution centre (exhibition centre), machining centres, composite processing machine assembly

Aluminum and non-ferrous foundry tours 
Course 5:

Mino Industry Co Ltd Sakamoto Factory (Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture) – automotive aluminum diecast parts 
Daido Castings Nakatsugawa Say Second Plant (Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture) - the Ni superalloy turbine wheel by precision casting method

Course 6:
Aisin Seiki Co Ltd Nishio Die Cast Factory (Nishio, Aichi) - transmission and aluminium diecast parts for transaxle
Denso Nishio Plant (Nishio, Aichi) - car air conditioning, radiator, aluminium diecast parts for diesel and gasoline fuel injection systems

Course 7:
Ahresty Tokai Plant (Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture) - aluminium die cast motorcycle parts
Yamaha Motor Co Ltd Iwata Minami Factory (Iwata, Shizuoka) - aluminium motorcycles and diecast parts

Universities and Equipment Factory tours
Course 8:

Toyohashi University of Technology (Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture) – tour contents: mechanical engineering systems control laboratory, human robot symbiosis research centre, Electronics Tip Fusion Institute
Sintokogio Ltd Co Ltd Toyokawa Plant (Toyokawa, Aichi Prefecture) - tour content: showrooms, product experience centre, support centre, skills safety training centre

Universities and Institute tours
Course 9:

National University Corporation Nagoya (Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture) - tour contents: Nagoya University Museum, 2008 Nobel Prize exhibition room, Akasaki Memorial, 
National Innovation Complex
National Research and Development Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Chubu Centre (Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture) - tour content: inorganic functional materials research department, structural materials research department

Car factory and automobile museum tour
Course 10:

Toyota Automobile Museum (Aichi Nagakute) - tour content: history and exhibition of Japanese cars and the western car
Toyota Motor Co Vehicle Assembly Plant (factory undecided) (Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture) - tour description: scheduled welding shop and assembly plant

21st May (Saturday) congress reception, welcome party
22nd May (Sunday) opening ceremony, special lectures and technology lecture
23rd May (Monday) technology lectures and dinner
24th May (Tuesday) technology lectures, closing ceremony, Foundrymen’s Night
25th May (Wednesday) works visits
22nd to 24th May (Sunday to Tuesday) exhibition