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Spearheading new growth – setting new standards

Capable of producing over 2 million castings a year servicing a diverse range of clients throughout Europe, Lupton & Place Ltd is one of Europe’s leading diecasting producers. The company continues to invest in equipment and expand its plant to guarantee open capacity supply for more demanding projects.
Strong technical capabilities, attention to detail and a rigorous design process are just some of the key reasons why Lupton & Place is considered by many to be one of the best companies in the industry - the company is renowned for going the extra mile to ensure all aspects of its service are of the highest standard. An ability to manage the delivery of complex projects ensuring logistical, cost and quality requirements are adhered to is paramount.
Lupton & Place has been at the leading edge of the European diecasting industry for well over a century and according to Stephen Gill, managing director, that is where they intend to stay. “Our policy of continuous investment in plant, equipment and personnel is evident throughout our business and underlines our commitment to our customers,” he said. “This coupled with our passion for quality and attention to detail are just some of the reasons for our continued success.”
It’s not surprising that some of the world’s most prestigious automotive brands choose the diecaster - BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Jaguar, Scania and Iveco.
The senior team at the company believes it is comprehensive in-house capabilities that give them the edge - they are tailored to provide the ultimate service ensuring that the company’s diecastings are totally compatible with their customers’ final needs for the component.
The company’s technical capability and flexibility in manufacture is unrivalled and the following provides a quick demonstration of just how well equipped Lupton & Place is: Buhler real time closed loop control diecasting machines with locking forces from 160 to 1300t, vacuum diecasting, x-ray technology, spectrographic analysis, CNC machining, CMM measuring technology, special purpose machining, trimming, ball burnishing, shot blasting, multi-head drilling and tapping, surface finish solutions including powder coating and plating.
The company has recently made an investment of over £320,000 in plant and equipment which included the purchase and installation of a new vibratory deburring plant as it gears up its finishing capacity to meet increased production demands and a new furnace to add to an already significant melting capacity.
Commenting on the investment Gill said: “As a business we are constantly striving to improve production efficiency and retain our leading position within the industry. The investment in our finishing plant means we can not only meet the existing demand but continue to grow our business into the future.”
With a reputation for outstanding customer service the company provides castings for use in a diverse range of sectors in Europe and USA, across the complete spectrum of manufacturing industries including automotive, marine, lighting, electronics, filtration and hydraulics.
Gill told Foundry Trade Journal: “We believe much of our success in recent years is down to the skill and dedication of our workforce. The continued investment in our business helps to secure everyone’s future which is not only good news for ourselves but also for the local economy and the organisations with whom we interact.”
The investment in melting capacity also included the building of a 250m2 extension to house the new furnace. The company is committed to providing a sustainable high growth business ensuring stability for its employees.

The programme of investment has seen the development of one of the industry’s best equipped CNC foundries, operating with Buhler real time closed loop control diecasting machines for unmatched repeatability. Machines range from 160t locking force up to 1300t. Vacuum diecasting is utilised for the production of structural castings for the car industry. High strength, high integrity components are cast without the need for further heat treatment.
Cutting edge CNC die spraying and dosing furnace technology ensures overall process rigidity giving superior casting integrity, reduced wall sections and maximum cost effectiveness.
Further investment in the complete automation of diecasting and trimming ensures greater repeatability and product quality; with greater flexibility and shorter lead times.
Castings are produced in a variety of aluminium alloys, including primary alloys such as AlMg5Si2Mn for high integrity components suitable for structural applications.

A considerable investment in tilt-gravity plant and technology, linked to years of experience in casting, ensures cost-effectiveness and product consistency through effective process control. 
The same combination of plant and skills also allows the use of a variety of alloys without limiting batch quantities. A wide range of product sizes can easily be made using sand cores for internal profiles where required.
Total flexibility in the bulk melting facility enables several alloys to be cast, including LM4, LM6, LM25 and A356. Alloys are delivered to each casting station having been analysed and flux-degassed, ensuring optimum conditions for casting are reached.

Lupton & Place has been using Buhler CARAT 130 diecasting machine technology for some time, and was the first company to install it in a UK foundry. The 1300t locking force machine is a move away from the traditional 3-platen toggle machines and is toggle-free.
A single cylinder moves the moving platen and the pressure on each of the tie bars is generated with tension cylinders. This means the footprint of the machine is much smaller than an equivalent size 3-platen machine.
The machine employs real-time, closed-loop control and is equipped with a Wollin die sprayer and a Westomat dosing furnace. The complete cell includes an ABB robot for casting extraction and a Tecnopres KPZ 40 trimming press and Buhler’s latest multi-stage vacuum system for ensuring maximum casting integrity and quality.
Parts are produced in aluminium alloy AlMg5Si2Mn utilising multi-stage vacuum; resulting in high strength, high integrity components suitable for structural applications without the need for heat treatment.

The in-house CNC machining facilities are comprehensive and designed to perfectly complement the extensive plant and equipment at the company. With a policy for continuous development and to uphold status as a world-class manufacturer there is a fully equipped CNC machine shop, which includes 4 axis vertical machining centres, to provide CNC turning and milling to the highest of standards.

It is not surprising that quality is the backbone of the business and underpins the company’s entire operation, as the objective is to deliver total quality in every area. 
Technical sales director, Stuart Wheeler notes: “It’s our desire to become a world-class manufacturing partner that drives our commitment to ensure we observe and manage all key performance indicators enabling our progression from ISO9001:2015 to TS16949.”
The assessment of design and project specification is rigorous. With the aid of cost analysis and value engineering process every detail is considered, which is combined with personal care from highly experienced engineers, technicians and account managers. It’s a dedication to attention to detail ensuring complete customer satisfaction in every aspect of operation using high definition real time x-ray, CMM coordinate measuring machines and spectrographic analysis. 
The company strives to ensure its diecastings are totally compatible with the customer’s final usage, one of the reasons why they have developed a wide range of in-house post casting finishing procedures.
Often Lupton & Place is asked to undertake assembly and the testing process, utilising ‘just in time’ operation, direct to the production line highlighting a commitment to providing a complete service to its customers. Services include: special purpose machining, vibratory deburring, trimming, ball burnishing, shot blasting, multi-head drilling and taping, surface finish solutions including powder coating, PTFE coating and plating.
For more information contact Lupton & Place, Tel: +44 (0) 1282 422361, web: