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Money-saving service schemes to reward loyalty

The opportunity for a free of charge service and a free of charge breakdown callout is now available for Meltech customers as part of what is thought to be the world’s first furnace equipment referral scheme.

This is the brainchild of the company that has become renowned for refining IGBT inverter technology and maximise the efficiency of induction melting equipment, the newly introduced Meltech referral scheme rewards existing IGBT customers and incentivises new customers, alike.

“It offers an added enticement when buying our Pulsar IGBT systems and it is a thank you to our existing customers who promote our systems to fellow foundrymen,” says commercial director Steve Macey. “It all helps during challenging times and as far as I am aware it is the first referral scheme of this kind in the foundry industry, essentially, new and existing IGBT customers could enjoy free servicing on their inverter for up to 10 years from machine commissioning providing the scheme criteria is met.”

Serving customers in the UK and internationally, Meltech Ltd manufactures a range of electric induction furnace systems, including power units and a variety of furnace bodies to suit all processes and casting methods. The Pulsar IGBT inverters offer induction furnace power supply between 75 to 1,000kW with frequencies of 200 to 10,000Hz for air and vacuum melting operations, with an operating efficiency exceeding 98 per cent.

Referral scheme incentives

New and existing customers can take advantage of an incentive to buy Meltech equipment. Submission of the Pulsar IGBT inverter unique serial number from an existing customer’s machine applied to a new customer’s order will entitle both the existing and the new customer to one free of charge service and one breakdown call out for a period of twelve months from completion of the new customer’s contract. This is in addition to any existing warranty conditions, if the existing customer’s Pulsar IGBT inverter is still in warranty, then the new entitlement will commence on expiry of that original twelve-month warranty. The new customer’s twelve-month period will commence once they too have completed their original twelve-month warranty period. It therefore means peace of mind for two years up to a maximum of 10 years if referrals continue – a win/win for everyone.

The scheme is subject to certain terms and applies to labour only, excluding components, air fares and certain expenses and is only available for new Pulsar IGBT machines supplied by Meltech, not those traded second-hand to third parties.

Macey says: “It is a difficult time for everyone and we appreciate that every bit helps. However, we are also confident in the robustness and ability of our equipment. Even so, we believe incentives such as the Meltech referral scheme do offer an added attraction when new customers are looking to place an order.”

Service incentives for non meltech equipment

In addition, a service special offer has been introduced to customers who have undertaken a paid for service on their non Meltech machine, which entitles them to a free eight-hour labour only breakdown call out on the same inverter within a 180-day period.

Of course, the ability to service and maintain equipment requires easy access to appropriate parts which is an important aspect of Meltech’s business philosophy, as evidenced by a vast stock of spares, which totals £500,000.

“Customers appreciate that we can offer integrated and efficient systems and they also know they can benefit from our after sales support and extensive spare parts facility, where we house a large number of parts for a wide range of equipment.”

“We recognise that servicing and maintenance are important issues for our customers and that the equipment is subject to intense pressures in foundries. Correct use and maintenance makes all the difference,” Macey says. “Which is why we are keen to provide extra help for customers in these endeavours.”

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