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Italian foundry reduces waste and increases production with VIBRA-DRUM®

Italian foundry group VDP has reported improved working conditions thanks to a dramatic reduction in silica dust and improved handling temperatures following the installation of a VIBRA-DRUM® from General Kinematics. The family founded and owned VDP group is one of Europe’s primary grey cast iron and spheroidal graphite cast iron production companies. The organisation has been actively researching and developing the perfect iron casting system for over three generations. With three main headquarters in Schio, Italy, where VDP is located, and near Padua, Italy, where VDC srl and VDZ srl are located, they employ nearly 400 people. The VDP group has been a long-standing customer of General Kinematics, featuring at least one unit in the GK booth at the last four GIFA trade fairs in Düsseldorf, Germany.



VDP found the existing system inefficient in fulfilling their process requirements, with a high sand carry over and poor general performance. As a result, they were in the market for new sand and casting equipment that could guarantee their process goals, durability and availability.



VDP has had a long-standing business relationship with General Kinematics. Having previously bought GK equipment, which they have found to be long-lasting and high quality. When they needed new equipment for the newly purchased VDC foundry, they contacted a GKE representative to discuss their needs. VDC wanted to improve worker safety by eliminating dust, containing heat released from materials, and enhancing casting quality while saving energy and reducing scrap.



As VDC is familiar with General Kinematics equipment, they quickly decided that the VIBRA-DRUM® sand casting equipment was what they needed to get the job done. The VDC team operated a VIBRA-DRUM® at a VDP foundry, so they knew precisely what to expect. The VIBRA-DRUM® had what they were looking for, including, but not limited to:

  • Improved sand return: it enhances sand attrition and cooling.
  • Sustainability: GK’s Two-Mass drive system uses up to two-thirds less energy than direct drive machines.
  • A significant reduction in scrap and reworks post shakeout.

After designing and building the new shakeout system, General Kinematic’s field service team will be on-site in August 2023 to assist with the installation and start-up, ensuring everything goes smoothly.



After installing the VIBRA-DRUM® at their existing sites, VDP reported improved working conditions compared to their previous equipment. Silica dust was dramatically reduced, and heat from the sand and castings was contained within the VIBRA-DRUM® while cooling castings to acceptable temperatures for future handling. In a statement, one of VDP’s managing partners, Franco Vicentini, said: “Our choice of technology for the casting, cooling, and handling in our foundry VDC, is based on our previous positive experience using the same type of solution at our VDP foundry; the General Kinematics VIBRA-DRUM® allows us to perform a gentle shake-out of our most delicate and complicated castings avoiding damages and at the same time it provides a fully enclosed system, helping us to keep our foundries clean.”

In addition, the equipment will save VDC energy because of the reduced scrap and improved casting cleaning due to the gentle tumbling action of the VIBRA-DRUM®. Sand carry over will also be drastically reduced from the previous process, improving their sand return system. Another of VDP’s managing partners, Paolo Zardo, stated: “We have been working with General Kinematics in different areas of our foundries, from furnace charging to shaking out of large castings and sand reclamation, for about 25 years now, and not only do we appreciate GK’s solid technology but also the outstanding service offered and the relationship we have built with them: a sure recommendation from us!”

To improve foundry systems, connect with a General Kinematics foundry expert today, to find the perfect equipment for the process.

“Throughout my career in the foundry sector, I had the opportunity to work with General Kinematics on some very ambitious and challenging projects, and I had a great experience working with the GK team, from the development of the project and the positive, innovative ideas that GK brought to the table, to the final result. I have never had a chance to install any GK VIBRA-DRUM’s yet, but I am familiar with the technology and very excited to finally be able to follow and manage this project. I’m optimistic that this important investment will give VDC a competitive edge by increasing our quality and efficiency.” Massimo Ceschel, foundry director at VDC