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Investing in the latest induction melting technology doesn’t have to break the bank

A Hungarian foundry with aspirations to upgrade its melting capabilities has realised this ambition thanks to some clever engineering from induction melting specialists Inductotherm Europe Ltd
TM Öntöde Kft is an iron foundry specialising in customised small batch production with an annual casting capacity of 600-800 tonne per annum. Having grown over several decades the company produces castings for a range of customers, with the agricultural sector accounting for 20 per cent of its production, the medical sector accounting for a further 20 per cent and the remainder of work being general jobbing production. 
Despite the desire to progress to induction melting, the financial investment was a considerable one for the company. Rather than choose an inferior product they contacted Inductotherm to see what could be done which they are sure to be thankful for in the coming years.
“In 2000 they closed the cupola facility due to the foundry’s proximity to the town,” Inductotherm Europe Ltd managing director Steve Hill said. “Since then they have been operating an old Hungarian mains frequency furnace with fairly high energy costs and limited scope for increased capacity.
“They came to us wanting a Dual-Trak® so we looked at how we could help them out in the most cost-effective manner.”

Sourcing the right equipment
Inductotherm set about sourcing used equipment with a known service history and found exactly what the Hungarian-based foundry needed. Utilising part second-hand equipment - which the global supplier refurbished to its own high standards - and linking it with new equipment they provided the foundry with two 400kw VIPs® and two 750kg furnaces, effectively providing them with a Dual-Trak® they could afford.
The foundry was getting about 1000kw/t out of the old mains frequency furnace they were using and the new melting facility is set to halve that. 
“This is a classic example of a customer talking to us about their needs rather than making the assumption that they can’t achieve their preferred melting solutions,” Hill enthused. “We are flexible at Inductotherm and we go into great detail to listen to the customer and satisfy their needs. We would prefer it if foundries came to us first so we can assess the situation for them. We can refurbish to an ‘as new’ condition so there is usually a solution to most melting needs right here at Inductotherm.”
He was particularly impressed with the abilities of the employees at TM Öntöde Kft. “They really know what they are doing at the foundry and they have some very skilled people. They installed the equipment themselves and did an excellent job. I am also pleased to report that the foundry managing director says the new equipment will revolutionise what they are doing. If anyone should understand that it is him as he started working for the company in the laboratory in 1970 and has worked his way up.”
Although known for some of its larger high power iron and steel melting projects, Inductotherm Europe Ltd is able to satisfy a wide range of induction melting needs including small precious metal melting furnaces, and medium size non-ferrous, iron or steel melting furnaces.
The pedigree of the international melting technology supplier is renowned in the foundry industry and the company designs equipment that many foundries aspire to. However, with the longevity and robust nature of the equipment, it is often possible to source and refurbish existing equipment to help ease the investment burden for foundries throughout Europe. TM Öntöde Kft is an example of what can be achieved through supplier/foundry discussion and co-operation.
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