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Think beyond. Shape the future.

Foseco has unveiled a new company tagline "Think beyond. Shape the future". The new tagline reinforces the company's position as an innovative and sustainable partner within the foundry and steel industries. The following is an explanation in the company's own words.

As the pace of global change accelerates, customers are in more need than ever of truly innovative partners. As Vesuvius and Foseco, we are, a company that invests in R&D and new technologies to enable our customers to shape their own future - and that of our planet.


Think beyond

The first 'Think beyond' reflects the company's role as innovators. To shape the future, we need to think beyond what we did in the past, beyond what we are today; our focus is on what we want to be. We need to think beyond preconceived ideas about what we are and what our customers are. We and aour customers do not operate in an industry of the past; we are the future. The world has changed over the past decades thanks to our industry. We need to recognise the problems that have come with it, but we also need to be part of the solution.

We think beyond:

  • Partial soluitons to deliver end-to-end value and shape the future success of our whole operations, combining breakthrough innovation with our trusted knowledge and expertise.
  • Technical disciplines and combine all types of expertise to deliver enhanced results and shape the futrure of our solutions, taking ownership of tomorrow's problem before we're asked to.
  • Existing consumables to collect data that shapes the future of our products and solutions, exploring new ways to integrate continuous data capture into our solutions to give customers vital insights.
  • Today's technologies, and shape the future through advanced mechatronics, providing our customers with unique and useful tools.


Shape the future

By thinking beyond, we're shaping the future by deliverying solutions that will increase our customer's efficiency, enhance quality, improve safety, and reduce enviroinmental impact. With global governments setting challenging environmental targets such as emission reduction and sustainability measures, it's important to understand these challenges to stay ahead and support our goal of becoming the supplier of choice for our customers. We're being proactive in our approach to assess the impact to the industry and develop innovative solutions as our customers adapt.

We're shaping the future of industries that will shape the future for everyone. The future of industry is sustainability. And the future of sustainability is industry. The world needs engineering to build tomorrow. It needs the metals, concrete and castings that are essential to modern life. It's our role to help our customers make these industrial processes more efficient, safe, and sustainable than ever before.

So, we think beyond today to create solutions that will shape the future for everyone.

Talk to us about how we can help you to shape the future and meet and exceed your needs for today and tomorrow. Do you have a challenge or problem for the future that you've been putting off tackling, because it feels too hard? - Let's discuss. You'll start to see our new tagline rolled out across the board, through our website, LinkedIn and Facebook and across all our marketing and reporting documents.

Foseco, the Foundry Division of VESUVIUS plc, is a global leader in products and solutions for improving foundry performance. Improved foundry performance is enabled by working alongside customers to develop and apply products and services that produce better casting quality and higher productivity at lower costs in a safe and healthy working environment. Vesuvius plc is a global leader in metal flow engineering, providing a full range of engineering services and solutions to its customers worldwide, principally serving the steel and foundry industries.

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