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Ten million moulds in under five years

Since Chinese foundry Guangzhou Deshan CNC Technology Co Ltd installed its first DISAMATIC C3-350 machine in December 2017, this greensand, vertical moulding line has produced more than ten million moulds. The moulding machine runs 24/7 and produces an average of over 7,000 moulds every day.
With a 1.2 per cent scrap rate, the company says the DISA machine adds outstanding quality and high uptime to its blazing speed. The line is incredibly low maintenance, freeing up over two hours extra production time per day compared to the foundry’s previous moulding machine.

Impressed by its performance and reliability, Guangzhou Deshan is about to buy another DISAMATIC C3 to expand its annual production capacity to 30,000 tons and beyond.
“DISAMATICs are famous for combining speed with consistent high quality and uptime,” says Leon Gu, VP after sales at DISA Asia Pacific. “The DISAMATIC C3 is purpose-built to offer lower volume foundries a big speed and quality boost. It produces small series or lower volumes economically and, on top of that, is an affordable, China-built machine that DISA can supply quickly to the Chinese market with outstanding local service and spares support.”

Guangzhou Deshan was founded in 2001 and is based in Nansha Guangzhou city, Guangdong province. Before installing the DISAMATIC C3-350, the foundry ran a slower moulding line from a Chinese competitor which had to be maintained and repaired for two and a half hours every day, losing valuable production time. In contrast, the DISAMATIC C3-350 only needs around 20 minutes daily maintenance.