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Standardising certificates of conformity and adding calibration data as standard

AMETEK Land, one of the major innovators in non-contact temperature measurement and combustion and environmental monitoring equipment, has standardised all its certificates of conformity for its fixed spot and portable infrared thermometers. 

This also includes, for the first time, calibration test measurement data that is recorded during the standard production process at three AMETEK Land-specified temperature points. Thus the company’s instruments come with a certificate of conformity that confirms the instrument has been manufactured and inspected to documented procedures, in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, and has been calibrated against national and international standards.  

Over the coming year, the company will extend the new certificates of conformity containing test measurement data to include not only its fixed and portable infrared thermometers, as available now, but also its full range of thermal process imaging instruments.

AMETEK Land’s certification and calibration service verifies the performance accuracy of an instrument at a given point in time, as part of confirming the compliance of an instrument and enhancing its long-term performance.  For more information visit: