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Novel SCK feeding systems

After extensive trials and experiences, Foseco has launched the innovative, new SCK feeder system for hand moulding. SCK, which stands for sleeve construction kit, is a new development based on a modular design, which makes it possible to create a large variety of feeder shapes and sizes through the combination of selected components. The SCK system has a modulus of 5.4 to 6.9cm.

The SCK system consists of three basic pieces with a variety of additional components. These are assembled using a plug-in system without the need for gluing and can be mounted directly in the mould. The main components include a highly insulating base made of a KALMIN formulation, which makes it possible to use a minimal footprint and a very small throughput. An integrated breaker edge facilitates the separation of the casting from the feeder. Finally, the top part and lid are made using highly exothermic FEEDEX HD material. Various additional components are used to expand the system. These can be integrated into the system, so the calculated modulus and the required volume can be adjusted.

The SCK feeding system is designed for use in iron and steel foundries. For steel applications, a lower part of a high-temperature-resistant formulation is used. The diameter of the feeder neck is adapted to the steel application. The novel system has been tested in extensive trials in several foundries and verified with the aid of the solidification simulation.

The new SCK system can be used for feeding directly into the casting or as a side feeder.

The new SCK system offers many advantages:

• Components can be tailored to the required modules and volume

• Lower inventory required to cover the variety of shapes needed

• The feeding safety margin or volume can be increased for critical sections

• Smallest possible contact surface and lowest penetration

• Minimisation of cleaning costs

• Simple assembly of the individual components by means of fixing aid

• Low weight for better workplace ergonomics

• Good compressibility in the area of the feeder neck

• Integrated Williams wedge for even solidification

• Constant volume

• Expandable system

For more detailed information refer to the full printed version of the September 2018 issue of Foundry Trade Journal.

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