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New high temperature infrared calibration and service centre in the Gulf

One of the world leaders in non-contact temperature measurement and combustion and emissions monitoring equipment has opened a high-temperature infrared calibration and service centre in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), adding to its expansive global service centre network.

In partnership with AIMS (Analytical Instrumentation & Maintenance Systems), the AMETEK Land Middle East Service Centre, based in Abu Dhabi, offers inspection, calibration, certification, and repair of all manufacturers’ infrared pyrometers, scanners, and thermal imagers. It uses standards traceable to the AMETEK Land laboratory in the UK, which is accredited to the international standard ISO / IEC 17025:2017 (general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories), to offer a comprehensive preventative maintenance and calibration service. 

“We are delighted to open a new service centre, which will enable us to extend our services to companies across the whole of the Middle East,” explains Prasath Venkatasamy, regional business development and service manager. “We see major growth potential from industrial companies in the GCC that are looking to maintain the highest accuracy of their instruments to optimise quality and production. Our calibration services verify the performance accuracy of an instrument at a given point in time by quantifying its errors, which are reported in a calibration certificate.”

“The establishment of an AIMS and AMETEK Land calibration and repair centre for infrared instrumentation in Abu Dhabi further solidifies our commitment to the In-Country Value (ICV) program to grow and diversify the UAE economy and create job opportunities in the UAE. The ICV program is fully integrated into our business processes, procedures, and initiatives. We very much look forward to joint success with this new venture,” comments Zaheer Juddy, managing director at AIMS.

The calibration of instruments is essential to improve practical temperature measurement performance. The service centre provides calibration across an extensive temperature range, from 50°C to 1600°C, for AMETEK Land and other manufacturers’ instrumentation. With repeated calibrations, a history of instrument stability can be built, providing a useful insight into long term performance.

At its new Middle Eastern facility, the company will provide a full-service offering that encompasses inspection, calibration, certification, and repair of infrared temperature measurement instruments and will be operated by fully trained technicians using approved and traceable certification equipment.

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