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New ASTM IRON CASTINGS SPECIFICATION will help auto industry

A new ASTM specification will help manufacturers optimise and expand the use of high-silicon molybdenum iron (SiMo) castings, which are used in high-temperature car parts such as exhaust systems and turbocharger housings or for components of power pl

“This standard helps produce lighter, more heat-resistant and more consistent iron castings for auto and related industry applications,” said ASTM member Delin Li, research scientist, CanmetMATERIALS, a branch of Natural Resources Canada. He says that iron casting manufacturers and automotive OEMs will be the primary users of the standard.
The standard (A1095, Specification for high-silicon molybdenum ferritic iron castings) covers process, design and heat-resistance of SiMo castings. It includes spheroidal and compacted graphite microstructures, as well as a new type of iron, mixed graphite.
“The mixed graphite microstructure introduced in the standard could offer a game-changing opportunity for producing cast iron engine cylinder blocks, head, liners, brakes and exhaust components,” said Li. “This could benefit the entire metal casting and automotive industries.”
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