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New and Future Leaders

The best training course I have ever been on, was just one of the positive comments from delegates on the New and Future Leaders course recently organised by ICME.

As Amy Worrallo MICME, training & EPA manager for ICME, explains: “ICME recognises the importance of developing the future leaders in our industry and our two-day Leadership & Management course is specifically designed to support this.

“With a focus on helping delegates to understand and develop their own leadership style, and for them to appreciate how this can impact elements of the role and others in the team, as well as advice on how to communicate through change and tips to help with difficult conversations, our course aims to provide the leadership skills to help teams set effective goals and become more motivated whilst working towards achieving those goals. We want to help leaders and managers feel confident in dealing with challenges and change, and help prepare our future leaders and managers to transition into new roles. This will help to increase the talent promotion of future leaders in the casting and foundry industry.”

The recent course, held in February, which was attended by delegates from several UK foundries, received fantastic feedback some of the comments being: “I gained confidence in my people management. I have been given valuable tools to put into action. I left the course feeling positivity with my current approach. I left the course with more methods of coaching and leading a team. I have gained a lot of knowledge to continue on my management journey and now have the confidence to do the right thing. The course has given me knowledge on how to manage and coach successfully.” Worrallo said: “We are delighted with this fantastic feedback. It is imperative that we are able to support and nurture our future industry leaders for the industry. ICME appreciates our important role in supporting the development of future leaders within the industry, particularly in these current times, and to keep the industry we work in strong and robust for the challenges ahead.”


ICME is always developing new materials for industry growth and people development and plans several more Leadership & Management courses for 2024.

Design for Casting

ICME recently held its Design for Casting technical course which was focussed on providing good practice information for those wanting to understand more about casting as a route to manufacture.

The two-day course was developed to offer delegates an overview of different casting processes, the principles of casting design, some ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of design for casting, an introduction to casting metallurgy and solidification as well as casting repair – including information about common defects and methods of rectification. The feedback from the training was very positive from all attendees, with delegates responding when asked if they would recommend this course to others, with an overwhelming ‘yes’. ICME’s Design for Casting training course was delivered by John Myers MICME. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge from time served in the industry, a fact which was clearly recognised, and appreciated by all the delegates attending the course.

What delegates had to say:

“I’ve done a few ICME courses now, and that was one of the best.”

“I found the course really interesting and informative.”

“I have gained a further knowledge of key points to note for designing moulds for castings.”

“I increased my knowledge across a variety of processes.”

Amy Worrallo MICME, training & quality manager for ICME, reflects on the importance of developing the talent within the industry, saying: “Casting represents a cost effective way to make near net shape engineering components, and cast metal components are infinitely recyclable, which can be an attractive attribute for companies looking at increasing the sustainability of their supply chain. But designing for the casting process requires some understanding of the process to ensure the design can be optimised and the benefits of casting realised. So, this course also supports the wider manufacturing supply chain and castings’ users value the insights from our team. It is imperative for the industry that we are able to support our industry with courses such as this one, that are also applicable to castings’ users.”

For more information on any ICME course, or for details about any bespoke training, email: [email protected]