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Latest products extend die service life

Foseco‘s latest range of DYCOTE SAFEGUARD die coatings increase die operating life by up to three times compared to conventional coatings.

Poor die coating service life leads to reduced productivity and increases the risk of rejects due to poor casting surface quality. Foseco’s new range of DYCOTE SAFEGUARD die coatings have been developed specifically to maximise the service life and maintain surface quality for critical aluminium components such as aluminium wheels and cylinder heads.

The products are nano-ceramic coatings designed to be applied on top of existing insulating DYCOTE base coatings and they have been proven to increase lifetime by up to 300 per cent.

Best results are achieved when applied using the Foseco DYCOTE Spraygun which ensures a very consistent and uniform coating layer application.

The extended life achieved with DYCOTE SAFEGUARD coatings reduces the frequency of coating touch-up operations and also complete mould cleaning and re-coating operations, thereby reducing die downtime and maximising productivity.

Improved casting surface finish consistency has also been noted.

Contact: Paul Jeffs, UK technical manager, email: [email protected]