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Italian foundry chemicals company is now part of HA Group

With effect from 29th June 2018, the HA Group and the Italian company F.lli Mazzon SpA are joining forces to pursue a shared goal of providing customer satisfaction across Europe and around the world. The transaction represents a significant milestone in the histories of the companies.

Mazzon is based in Schio, in the Italian region of Vicenza. Founded 55 years ago, the company has been steadily growing since, and has also expanded internationally in recent years. In addition to the Italian market, the company now serves customers in several countries around the world. Mazzon is committed to providing cost-optimised products and services tailored to its customers’ needs.

Established over 100 years ago and headquartered in Düsseldorf, HA Group is a leading global supplier of foundry chemical products. Almost 2,000 employees in over 30 countries develop and produce foundry chemical solutions for all established core and mould-making processes for customers worldwide.

In Italy, the HA Group is represented by Satef HA, based in Vicenza, where the production of resins, coatings, refractory products and the storage of trading products is situated.

“For Satef HA the transaction with Mazzon means an important step in enforcing our footprint in the Italian market,” says Andrea Todeschini, managing director of Satef HA. “It enables us to further enhance our service and to offer a full range of chemical products to our foundry customers.”

Amedeo Mazzon, CEO of Mazzon, adds: “We are proud to become part of the HA family. This gives us the opportunity to continue our success story as part of the leading international foundry chemicals group”.

In combination with Mazzon, the HA Group offers a comprehensive product range in the field of foundry chemistry to meet customers’ specific requirements – organic binder systems for all coremaking processes, inorganic binder systems, coatings, feeder technology, additives, metallurgical products, resin-coated sands, special sands and a wide range of auxiliary materials.

In addition to this update HA Group has also renamed group company Eurokern Gießereitechnik GmbH to Chemex Foundry Solutions GmbH. Also, the former Chemex GmbH is now part of the new Chemex Foundry Solutions GmbH.

“With this merger the HA Group aims at strengthening its brand presence and simplifying its structures,” says Martin Lauter, managing director of Chemex Foundry Solutions GmbH. “Apart from the change of name, the taken steps have no impact on our existing business relationships. Our co-operation with customers and suppliers will continue as before. Contact persons, policies and procedures will remain unchanged.”

Contact: Andrea Todeschini, chairman and CEO, Satef HA, Tel: +39 0444 337450, email: [email protected] web: Dr Amedeo Mazzon, managing director, F.lli Mazzon SpA, Tel: +39 0445 678028, email: [email protected] web: