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Important partnership between European and South African companies

The new year began with great optimism at O.M.LER srl, thanks to the signing of an important agency agreement between the company and the South African enterprise Globen Engineering Services and Supplies.

At the end of November 2019, the South African company committed to market and sell the O.M.LER pneumatic decoring hammer to foundries in the region. The decoring hammer is normally used to remove sand core from cast iron, aluminium and steel foundry castings, in particular from cylindric heads and engine blocks. “We worked very hard to achieve this important partnership last year and we are sure that good results will be the right reward for our efforts and the ones of our partner,” said O.M.LER’s export sales manager.

Although often used in the automotive industry, the pneumatic decoring hammer is also relevant for other sectors. Consequently, O.M.LER has become member of the European Investment Casters’ Federation (EICF) for the year 2020. EICF is a federation that joins together the investment casting foundries and their suppliers. Being a member of it is a great opportunity to know and be known in the market of foundries that adopt the investment casting process.