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For the cleanest casting without scrap

The ultimate tool to control and automate coating dilution and application

Control, adjustment and preparation of coatings for foundries are the most important prerequisites for perfect casting without coating layer related defects. With its newly developed Intelligent Coating Unit, Foseco has set itself the task of eliminating such errors from the outset.

Best casting quality through best coating performance

When the highest surface quality is required – for example with cylinder head castings – the coating quality must not be left to chance. The safety and process stability of the ICU completely eliminates both random and human errors.

Real-time measurement of the coating density ensures consistent application, drying times are shortened considerably, and coating consumption is reduced significantly. With the result that productivity is increased enormously. In addition, coating layer related defects are reduced to a minimum and thus also the reject rate is notably reduced. The ICU operates in a closed system, which also enhances the entire working environment.

Improved control: The coating density is controlled in real-time and measured more accurately than with any other device – up to the fourth decimal place. In addition, the continuous measurement system provides excellent data for improved process control, calibration and auditing.

Improved consistency: The ICU delivers even greater consistency in wet layer thickness applied.

Improved handling: The system is fully automatic, virtually maintenance-free and easy to operate. It works with very few moving parts, making it the most robust automated coating system in the industry.

The ICU is suitable for all application methods, including spraying, dipping and flow coating and can be connected to all major packaging systems, from drums to bulk silos.

Benefits at a glance:

  • superior casting quality
  • higher productivity
  • less scrap and reduced rework costs
  • improved drying properties
  • reduced coating consumption

Contact: Paul Jeffs, UK technical manager, email: [email protected]