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Economical surface technology – concept for blasting lightweight parts

At the EUROGUSS exhibition, which takes place from 14th to 16th January 2020 in Nuremberg, AGTOS will be addressing the distortion-free blasting of lightweight aluminium and magnesium components.

The surface treatment of complex workpieces made of aluminium and magnesium is becoming increasingly demanding. Customers request a uniform surface finish on the entire component. In this context, the reproducibility for mass parts is important. Therefore, this topic of ‘complex’ is a focal point in the development of new blast machines at AGTOS.

For example, special blast machines were developed for the machining of lightweight components and aluminium and magnesium die cast parts. Aluminium is also used as an abrasive. Considering the specifics of this material, this has implications for the design of the machines. The special features will be presented at the AGTOS booth.

The most important issue after investing in a blasting machine is the operating costs. With the help of the right concept and the right turbines, these can be minimised accordingly.

The service starts at AGTOS during the consultation and does not end with the commissioning.

In existing blasting machines, an increase in performance can be achieved. For example, turbines developed specifically for this application work more gently; the abrasive consumption is lowered. Visitors to the booth at EUROGUSS can learn more.

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