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Clean space, wins the race

Portable, compact, and powerful foundry vacuum cleaner makes light work of a formerly heavy task.

Having built a global reputation as the leading manufacturer of chemically bonded sand equipment for the metal casting industry, Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery Ltd is now providing customers with a portable, compact, and powerful solution to stay on top of those housekeeping duties on the shopfloor.

With a huge range of products engineered to ensure that mould handling, mixing and sand reclamation tasks are undertaken with ease and efficiency, Omega Sinto now has a new solution to ensure that the workspace is kept clean and tidy, which also has an enormous impact on the wellbeing of the workforce.

The Omega Foundry Vac is the perfect foundry accessory with a suction conveying unit suitable­ for­ most­ sands, shot,­ powders,­ granular­ products and metal slag. The vacuum handles up to 10 tonnes per ­hour ­of ­dry ­sand, based on a 10-metre ­hose ­with ­bulk densities ­of ­material approximately 1600kg/mand it is effective over distances up to 30 metres.

Cleaning up is a time consuming, yet necessary task in a foundry environment, but equipment must be designed to withstand harsh conditions, whilst still being easy to handle and versatile. Accessing all those ‘hard to clean’ areas with ease will not only improve working conditions, but also cut down on lengthy cleaning tasks, that haemorrhage time from the more valuable production hours.


Reduce clean-up costs and promote safer working practice

The Omega Foundry Vac can be utilised by a single operator, thus replacing several labourers who would usually tackle the same problem armed just with shovels and bins. The flexible hose and pick-up nozzle afford better access to inaccessible areas such as pits, reducing cleaning time as well as providing a more health and safety compliant solution to manual clean-up operations.

In addition, as cleaning with a vacuum can often be carried out safely, during working hours, additional cost savings can be made, and productivity increased. In these cost-conscious days, anything that reduces the time taken for a job and the amount of manpower required will have a dramatic impact on the bottom line. 

Portable vacuum units can be used either as a ‘stand-alone’ product or as part of a wider ‘clean-up’ or a materials handling solution. They operate through a fixed pipe ‘clean-up’ network with the use of intercept hoppers and handling bagged material.



  • Easily handled with a forklift truck, weighs less than 2,000kg. 
  • Robust design for foundry environment.
  • 750-litre capacity removable hopper for material collection. 
  • Simple operation with self-cleaning cycle.
  • Range of easily interchanged hose sizes and accessories to suit application. 


Try before you buy

Of course, the company ethos at Omega Sinto is to ensure that the customer is fully comfortable with all equipment prior to installation and the internationally respected supplier makes no exception for this new product. A demonstration unit at Omega Sinto’s headquarters in Peterborough (UK) means customers can understand the capability and benefits of the Foundry Vac thanks to a rental facility which means they can try it out in their own workplaces before committing to investing in one.

For more information or to rent the Omega Foundry Vac for a trial purpose contact: [email protected] web: