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Back to original name and new headquarters

Küttner Savelli Srl has changed its legal company name, returning to the original one Savelli Technologies Srl (SAVELLI for common use). The change is due to the new corporate structure which sees the German partner Küttner Holding GmbH & Co KG holding 50 per cent of its shares and the newly established Savelli Holding Srl holding the remaining 50 per cent of shares. As a result of this and due to the last important successes linked to the SAVELLI brand, the company’s trademark returns to being the original one (SAVELLI since 1842), which is already registered in the main strategic countries for the foundry industry such as Brazil, China, Europe, India, Russia, North America and South Korea.

The shareholders are also glad to announce that the legal registered office of SAVELLI is moving from Brescia downtown to the new headquarters in Rodengo Saiano (BS, Italy) in the direction of Lake Iseo. In a statement they said: “Considering all the current orders in progress in Italy, Russia, South Korea and Sweden, it was necessary to have new, larger and better organised headquarters to receive the different delegations from the various countries and to execute the more demanding projects.”