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The largest steel plant in the world operating induction furnaces

Inductotherm successfully commissions four 22,000kW power supplies, 50 ton furnace systems and a fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coating plant for rebar at a company in Bangladesh
The four 22,000kW VIP® induction power supplies, each powering a 50 ton furnace brings the installed capacity of the new melt shop at BSRM to close to 900,000 tons per annum. This combination of equipment makes it the largest steel plant in the world operating induction furnaces.
BSRM has increased productivity and efficiency by taking advantage of induction furnace technology to survive in a low-margin and highly competitive market. The new melting furnaces will minimise operating costs and reduce particulate and noise pollution.
BSRM produces mild steel billets to feed its rolling mill to make international quality concrete reinforcing bars conforming to ASTM A615 Grade 40, structural sections such as angles, channels and flat bars that also conform to international standards. The company uses the most advanced technologies positioning them to be one of the world’s major steel producers. 
Steel billet making using induction furnaces, ladle refining furnaces and continuous casters is proven to be commercially viable in terms of quality and cost to feed rolling mills producing commercial grade steel such as rebar, wire rod, pipe and light and small sections. 

As part of the recent investment a 34,000 metric ton per annum capacity fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coating plant for rebar was also commissioned from Inductotherm.
This technology will give additional value to BSRM by producing the FBE coated rebar to be used in special construction applications where corrosion prevention is mandatory. FBE coated rebar almost doubles the structural life of concrete.

The BSRM Group aspires to produce the highest quality steel products, continuously enhancing customer satisfaction and becoming a reliable business partner to customers and suppliers. Sharing these values, Inductotherm has been supporting BSRM to achieve its goals for over twelve years. 
“We have taken up the challenge of producing a large quantity of steel most efficiently through the induction furnace route and therefore, decided to go for the 50 ton furnaces,” said Aameir Alihussain, managing director, BSRM Group, Bangladesh. “We ended up commissioning the world’s largest plant for billet making through induction furnaces, which has been possible due to technical leadership, partnership and commitment from Inductotherm Group.”
Commenting on the order which cements their partnership, Jagat Shah, managing director, Inductotherm Group India, said: “We work with many steel mills around the world and we always enjoy working with the technology driven BSRM Group. From the first units we installed in 2005 to this most recent system, it gives us great pleasure to support them as they continue to grow their business.” 
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