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Real time information for responsive and efficient induction melting

The prospect of green, efficient future-proof melting solutions starts with the solid foundation of the ‘global but local’ experience gained by induction melting specialist Inductotherm Group.

With customers around the world needing an increasing amount of ‘real time’ information about what is happening in their plants, the development of ever more sophisticated IT solutions is gaining pace, but it is important that they can be integrated seamlessly and provide a user-friendly soltion.

The pace at which controls development has been progressing with the latest technological developments has enabled Inductotherm to be at the forefront of these advances with the company’s latest control technology, information technology and network/data access features.

The flexibility of the latest tiered topology gives seemingly endless options to customers, which means the customer benefits from a tailored solution to their control and information technology needs. By understanding customers’ needs and the subtle differences in global requirements, Inductotherm has developed flexible solutions with a range of upgrades to customers’ melting IT platforms.


Sensor interface module

Understanding that customers face significant technical and commercial challenges to improve their efficiency and carbon footprint have also been a driver in developing multiple upgrade paths. As well as new control boards with enhanced diagnostics, Inductotherm has also developed interfaces such as the SIM (sensor interface module) which allows customers to directly interface with older controls and instantly take advantage of new features and enhanced connectivity.

Some of the available features of the SIM modules are:

  • USB Data Logging.
  • Demand Control.
  • Web Browser.
  • Melt Manager – kWh melt mode, cold start, sinter, kWh/t melt mode, stirring.
  • LCD Touch Display.
  • Modbus TCP.
  • Sensors – Digital temperature sensors, capacitor pressure switches, firing acknowledgement monitoring.

By means of a range of control technology and information technology tiers, Inductotherm is offering customers bespoke packages of technological solutions to enable them to remain constantly informed to facilitate more efficient melting practices and fast solutions to any production dilemmas that may occur in the melting process.


Control technology tiers

Tier 1: Embedded Melt-Manager®?

Embedded Melt-Manager® is operated from VFD, EZLCD, and Delta HMI displays and offer basic access to automatic controls.

Tier 2: Melt-Manager®? Plus®?

Melt-Manager® Plus® is operated from a touch PC local or remote and offers more diagnostics and options for automatic controls.

Tier 3: Meltminder 300®?

Meltminder 300® is operated from a remote touch PC and is the top of the line controller which accesses more features and advanced automated controls.


Information technology tiers

Tier 1: Local Web Diagnostic (SIM/Delta)

The SIM web diagnostic is a web interface based from the SIM which gives access to diagnostic and runtime information on the VIP® unit.

The Delta HMI provides an ability to open a web data viewer on any local browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.) and view the basic meter data (power, current, cap Volts etc.) and kWhs.

Tier 2: iSense™

iSense™ is an advanced web diagnostic that displays and trend’s runtime information and diagnostics on Inductotherm’s melt shop equipment graphically along with part and drawing information.

Tier 3: MiPlant

MiPlant is a cloud based IoT diagnostic solution. The MiPlant dashboard gives customers an insight into all information including event history, fully automated notifications and web and mobile data monitoring. MiPlant enables interaction with equipment to track efficiency using a digital platform where managers are able to visualise and make sense of what is happening in real time.


HMI network data access features

By connecting Delta HMI to ethernet/WiFi router, local connections are available through a basic web data viewer giving the ability to open a web data viewer on any local browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.) This data viewer has all the basic meter data (power, current, cap volts etc.) and kWhs. Alternatively, connection can be made through a HMI VNC remote viewer to remotely access the live HMI view with all the normal features (meters, event history, trends and diagnostics) from the VNC application on a local device. Both data access features can be accessed from a mobile device or PC.


Efficient power technology

In addition to the control and IT technology advances, Inductotherm has also been continually focused on efficiency advancements throughout the years which have had significant benefits for customers worldwide. This is particularly relevant as the industry works hard to improve efficiency and minimise energy costs. In a similar manner to the aforementioned flexible controls, Inductotherm Group therefore has a wide variety of power technology options to suit specific applications, equipment sizes and other requirements. Ultimately, these options help the company to provide the lowest possible kWh/t values to meet customer needs. In some cases, component technology has been redesigned to reduce losses and, along with the variety of inverter types available, this ensures the most efficient solution for a specific customer application. Generally, equipment carrying the HE, EB, LI and SI label will represent equipment benefiting from various significant efficiency advancements.

With an ongoing need for more and more information in the data driven society we are living in now, having access to relevant and, most importantly, real time information in a fast and simple way is vital. Inductotherm has of course been working for many years on advancing this technology, whilst maintaining a commitment to ensure energy efficient systems to meet national and international standards and customer expectations.

This latest advancement, however, sees the company step up a gear and offer even more easily accessible machine and production information than ever before to customers in all parts of the world – a fine example of ‘global but local’.

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