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Productivity for the diecasting industry

At EUROGUSS, Bühler presented products and services focused on increasing the productivity of customers today and tomorrow.

Today, technology is constantly and rapidly evolving. To keep pace with the needs and changes in the industry, Bühler is continously innovating and adapting its products and services to support customers. With the Carat, introduced to the market in 2007 and more than 450 units in operation across five continents, a new updated version with a focus on productivity is available in 2018. The new Carat, with its intuitive, user-friendly DataView control system, will allow for easier handling and operation.

Bühler strives to consistently provide the best products to its customers with a focus on improving productivity and performance. During the show in Nuremberg in Germany, the company presented tomorrow’s products; for example its innovative, digital services such as the Die Casting Remote App and the Die Casting AR App. These Industry 4.0 services are based on virtual and augmented reality and work with data glasses as well as portable end devices to supplement the global service network in real time, around the clock and directly at the customer site.

Also, the Bühler total cell management solution, which will be implemented at customers’ sites starting in 2018, focuses on increasing productivity and performance. The Bühler system will monitor the entire cell and make intelligent decisions to optimise productivity and ensure end-product quality.

The company is the leading global provider of aluminium lightweight solutions to the automotive industry and supports its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. Around 20 per cent of all cars drive with engine blocks made with Bühler equipment. The Swiss company provides optimised diecasting solutions, fully integrated process controls, plant layout knowhow, process knowledge and global assistance. Bühler supports its customers with a strong global service network, modern application centres as well as its own sites for production, machine revision, and technology in Europe, Asia, and North America.

CELL MANAGEMENT: potential for optimisation in diecasting

Intelligent cell management plays an important role for the future of diecasting. It offers great potential to increase productivity within the casting process.

The introduction of an advanced cell management system can lead to clear improvements in the communication between the individual subsystems of the diecasting cell. It is the key to an efficiency increase in the diecasting process. The aim is one system that monitors the entire cell and makes intelligent decisions to optimise productivity and to ensure end-product quality. In addition the cell management supports diecasters to successfully operate in an Industry 4.0 environment. It is the interface between the machine control systems and the higher level manufacturing execution system (MES).

The Bühler cell management solution will be implemented at customers’ sites starting in 2018.

The main benefits are:

  • Simplification of the production.
  • Central and intuitive operation.
  • The cell can be brought back into home position by the touch of a button.
  • Predictive maintenance thanks to reliable information of all cell participants.
  • Due to more information about the manufacturing process and its parameters, parts and the quality of the parts can be easily tracked.
  • Analyses and trend monitoring of key performance indicators show the potential for further efficiency enhancements of the system.                                                                                                                            


VIRTUAL SUPPORT: digital services for immediate assistance

The new digital diecasting services from Bühler allow for faster and more individual support.

The Die Casting Remote App enables customers to connect with Bühler at any time and from everywhere. Other than telephone support, the usage of glasses allows the service technician to see exactly what the eyeglass wearer sees and – what is even more important – to directly show data and instructions or exchange information.

The digital services are complemented with virtual and augmented reality. The Die Casting AR App helps to handle major components of the Bühler diecasting system. With the help of the app, for example, the dismantling of pumps is explained step by step and in 3D. Additional information and documents are directly available – enabling the user of the app to independently conduct the necessary steps.

With the digital diecasting services Bühler is closer to the customer and gives support even faster.

Technical details:

  • Remote service with Vuzix data glasses and mobile devices.
  • Virtual and augmented reality with HoloLens and mobile devices.

The main benefits are:

  • Worldwide real-time assistance from trained service technicians for repair, service and maintenance.
  • Already applicable to facilitate communication for the design of the machine, special constructions, installation and start-up.
  • Easily accessible training and background information.