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New fluxes enter the market

A French company has developed new fluxes to allow foundries to have a single product whatever the process and stages for metal treatment.
Created In 1992, Aluminium Martigny France has an international reputation specialising in non-ferrous metals. The company is the French leader focused on the design and production of foundry fluxes, die coats and lubricants for the treatment of non-ferrous metals and develops its own range of machinery and equipment, which evolves according to customer needs.

Research & Development
The ISO 9001 certified company is focused on developing new fluxes in its own laboratory with two main considerations, firstly, to develop fluxes with a lower content of sodium and calcium and produce a more ecological or environmentally friendly product. This means that they manufacture fluxes without any dangerous or hazardous raw materials, without any labelling related to the chemical registration, and allowing them to have low or no impact on the environment and be safer for operators or users.
Their second aim is to create fluxes that can be used for several processes, either in non-ferrous foundries or for primary or secondary smelters. They make a multi-purpose flux, which is a slagging-off flux, a deoxidising flux and a covering flux.
They are now promoting these brand new fluxes to the market. The Elimoxal KF20 - treatment flux for the aluminium sector - can be used as a deslagging flux, a deoxidising flux and a covering flux which allows foundries to have a single product whatever the process and stages for metal treatment. Elimoxal KF20 is free from sodium and calcium, has no labelling and no fume emission. The absence of sodium and calcium is particularly important for automotive foundries, which have critical castings very sensitive to defects due to these elements. A large number of automotive foundries in Spain, Italy, France, Denmark and other countries around the world have already tested and approved Elimoxal KF20. 
The Elimoxal has also been developed specifically with a dedicated version in case of injection of the flux during the degassing step with a rotor.
The development of Elimoxal KF20 was a starting point for Aluminium Martigny France in this field with the company placing taking care of the environment, of foundrymen and simplifying and improving non-ferrous sector processes as an essential part of success. They will go on adding to their range of fluxes and new products.
The company supplies the following range of equipment for liquid aluminium treatment:
• Rotoxal - rotary degassing
• Hydralvac - gas level monitoring
• Sprayflux - flux spraying equipment
Ramsell-Naber Ltd stocks the Aluminium Martigny France range of fluxes and equipment.
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