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The global foundry industry will gather in Shanghai on 13-16th March 2019.

The 17th China International Foundry Expo (METAL CHINA 2019) together with the 13th China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition (CIDC) will be held in March to lead the way in terms of foundry industry development.

Entering 2019, the Chinese foundry industry will continue to face the great challenge of strict environmental protection and safety regulations. The industry is integrating, transforming, and gradually moving towards the middle and high end. The exhibition closely follows the development trend of the industry and faces the specific concerns, offering a window to get close to the Chinese foundry market, and also the best platform to promote the integration of the Chinese and the world foundry industry. The following are highlights of the upcoming event.

Intelligent manufacturing and environmental protection

‘Quality, efficiency, intelligence, green’ are the eternal themes in the development of the foundry industry. To meet the needs of environmental protection and safety upgrading of the industry, to help enterprises have more choices in environmental protection and safety facilities transformation, and to find the most suitable solution, the organiser will set up an ‘environmental protection and safety equipment’ exhibition area. Advanced workshop dust removal systems, explosion protection systems, noise reduction systems, etc. along with one-stop solutions for environmental protection and safety will be displayed and provided, effectively guiding foundries to upgrade environmental protection and safety protection, and assisting small and medium-sized enterprises to deal with their bottleneck problems. During the exhibition period, a series of seminars will be held on environmental protection issues. Relevant government leaders and industry experts will explain the environmental protection/security policy and the latest standards in detail.

In addition, the most advanced light, fine and excellent high-end castings, as well as efficient, energy-saving and intelligent melting, moulding, core making, pouring, cleaning, processing equipment and all kinds of testing instruments will be displayed. Advanced domestic precision equipment and a series of new green environmental raw materials will be exhibited; efficient and intelligent equipment at home and abroad will perfectly show the upstream and downstream industrial chain of the foundry industry. Intelligent diecasting islands, semi-solid diecasting machines, highly efficient moulding lines, highly efficient and energy-saving melting equipment, on-line testing equipment, and sand recycling equipment will be among the highlights of the exhibition, supporting the transformation and upgrade of the Chinese foundry industry, and encouraging the industry to realise sustainable development.

Bringing together advanced technology to help industry transform and upgrade

The ‘intelligent foundry’ is the result of deep integration of advanced foundry technology and new generation information technology. 3D printing, simulation technology, robot and cloud service platforms are the necessary conditions to ensure an intelligent foundry. The cutting-edge technologies; such as remote design, remote control, virtual production, 3D printing, intelligent robots, online monitoring and precision machining, will be displayed and help visitors to understand and connect with the intelligent foundry ethos.

Diecasting industry retains high growth

With the increasing demand for lightweight and energy-saving products from downstream users, the Chinese diecasting market has expanded significantly. China Foundry Association, Hong Kong Foundry Association and more than 100 industry organisations will jointly create a diecasting industry exhibition every two years in Shanghai. The session in 2019 will be upgraded again and achieve historic breakthroughs. As a top-class event for the diecasting industry, exhibitors and trade visitors are all expecting to participate. During the exhibition, all kinds of high-end diecasting parts, diecasting machines and new technologies will be displayed. The exhibits will cover the upstream and downstream of the diecasting industry chain. The famous diecasting enterprises will bring the latest intelligent products and technologies to the show. With the theme of ‘lightweight, stronger, more environmentally friendly’, the ‘green channel’ will be launched for automotive lightweight, supporting the diecasting industry to move towards environmental protection. Specifically, the Top 50 Diecasting Enterprises and Top 20 Die and Mould Enterprises which are selected by experts from industry associations and institutions, will represent the highest level of Chinese diecasting development.

Concurrent activities to create unlimited business opportunities

A series of exciting activities will enrich the exhibition undertone: the 15th China Foundry Association annual meeting, Top 50 China Diecasting Enterprises, Top 20 Diecasting Mould Enterprise Awarding Ceremony, Diecasting Sourcing Conference, and on-site industry experts’ consultation. New product and technology releases, seminars and lectures, young workers’ meetings and other activities will be seen, conveying policy guidance to the industry. There will be many opportunities for talent recruitment, results transfer and business matching, establishing industry models, and building a high-end business circle in the foundry industry.

Segmentation and precise matching

Continuing with the previous scale, the 2019 event includes three extra outdoor exhibition halls, with a total exhibition area of nearly 100,000m2. The exhibition halls are segmented more professionally: international hall, casting hall, foundry materials hall, equipment hall, diecasting parts hall, diecasting equipment hall, intelligent manufacturing hall, etc. There are different areas in one hall, such as precision casting, mould area, robot area and 3D printing area. The exhibition highlights the industry hotspots and provides accurate and efficient services for trade visitors, which will help them to target exhibitors quickly, improve the efficiency of visiting exhibitions, and ultimately achieve accurate matching between exhibitors and buyers.

See you in March 2019 in Shanghai.

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