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Indian steel foundry buys 3D printing system

voxeljet AG, a leading global technology company for industrial 3D printing solutions, has further expanded its presence in India. Indian steel casting expert Peekay Steel Castings Pvt Ltd is to invest in one of the world's largest and most productive 3D printers with a build volume of eight cubic metres.

Peekay Steel has chosen the VX4000 system, with a job box size of 4000 x 2000 x 1000mm, to quickly and economically realise technically demanding projects and to expand into new business areas.

One step ahead with 3D printing

Peekay Steel specialises in the production of high-quality steel castings, predominantly for the oil and gas sector, starting from 1kg to 20t per casting. For most of these products, the company requires less than four castings. As a result, the time and cost towards development of patterns can outweigh total project costs. For some complicated castings, that require non-traditional gating, the VX4000 was considered the most suitable.

“When it comes to castings weighing several tons, the requirements for dimensional stability and accuracy are particularly high. With our 20 years of experience in the field of industrial 3D printing and the VX4000, we can offer both a wealth of experience and the right tool. With another VX4000 installation in India, we look forward to continuing our co-operation with Peekay Steel,” says Rudolf Franz, COO and CFO of voxeljet AG.

“We want to offer our customers an end-to-end solution and position ourselves as a supplier of high-quality, ready-to-install components in record times. With the VX4000, we are able to increase the flexibility of our production to be able to react quickly, even to complex projects. 3D printing gives us a unique competitive advantage, especially when it comes to expanding our business areas. Since the beginning, we have emphasised the importance of co engineering with our customers, most of these are Fortune 500 companies, to optimise and customise the product design, to lend better functionality and a clear competitive advantage. A specialised design centre aligned to the VX4000 will help add value for our customers,” adds K E Shanavaz, joint managing director, Peekay Steel Castings Pvt Ltd.

Additionally, one of the drivers was the impending uncertainty in these trying times. With the size, speed and flexibility of the VX4000 Peekay Steel can cater to new projects from its existing customers at record times while also looking for different business areas to venture into.

Peekay Steel has a multi-pronged approach to its VX4000. They not only want to support the foundry industry in India by providing services from their large system, but also plan to set up a high-tech knowledge centre around their VX4000. This will include a training facility to support educational institutes and the industry alike. An open access of this kind is a means to a growing number of people towards the foundry industry – a much needed paradigm shift.

Peekay Steel will be setting up the VX4000 in a new location at Bangalore in the Airport City.

Peekay Steel Castings Pvt Ltd manufactures and supplies steel castings to industry majors like India’s Navaratna Companies and major global OEMs in the oil, gas, power, transportation, earth-moving and engineering sectors. It is the largest exporter of industrial steel castings and sub-assemblies from south India.