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Global solutions for Indian Foundries

In spite of the recent worldwide economic crisis, the Indian foundry market is continuously growing and the Italian foundry equipment supplier IMF confirms its market leadership.

In the last few years, the tendency of Indian foundries to modernise and mechanise moulding technology to be globally competitive in price and quality has provided IMF with a possibility to install new modern no-bake moulding plants in the region.

With the support of the local facility in Bangalore (IMF Foundry Equipment India Pvt Ltd), the company has installed over 25 automatic moulding lines complete with dedicated sand reclamation plant.

With employee numbers in double figures, IMF’s Indian facility is supporting the Italian headquarters in the plant engineering and in the aftersales activities including the plant assembly, supervision and commissioning of the systems and also supporting customers with the procurement of parts manufactured locally.

In the latter part of 2013, three large installations have been successfully commissioned.

Metso India in Ahmedabad has put in operation an automatic moulding line with the capacity of 8-10 moulds per hour (mould size 1400x1600x650/650mm) for the production of ‘wear parts’ castings made of steel. The reclamation of sand and chromite separation has been particularly studied to optimise and reduce to a minimum the sand and chromite consumption bound with alkaline phenolic resin to allow a proper and profitable re-utilisation of the sand.

Elgi Equipments in Coimbatore has set up a completely new captive foundry for the production of compressor parts. The IMF moulding line can produce more than 12 moulds per hour (mould size 1200x1600x500/500mm). An IMF-Foundry Automation core shooter machine has also been installed for the production of specific sand cores made with amine gassing technology (cold box). The sand consumption has been optimised and the sand dumping completely avoided with the installation of an eco-friendly gas fired thermal reclamation unit.

ACE Designers Ltd in Bangalore, has recently opened a new foundry for the production of large beds for machine tools. It is the largest flask-less moulding line in India and one of the most technically advanced in the country. The IMF moulding line can produce six large moulds per hour (2000x3000x900/900mm) while simultaneously a separated moulding carrousel has been designed for the production of several cores. A big thermal reclamation unit (6 ton per hour) allows a considerable saving in the new sand consumption avoiding the dumping cost and preserving the environment.

In the coming months, AMTEK will complete the installation of two automatic moulding lines near Delhi for the large scale production of castings for the automotive sector (both lines will have a capacity of 15 moulds per hour), whilst Kharagpur Metal Reforming Industries Pvt Ltd in Kolkata has almost finished the assembly of a new jobbing foundry for steel castings, iron castings, ductile iron castings and low and high alloy castings.

In addition, Steel Cast Ltd in Bhavnagar has commenced installation of IMF equipment for enhancing its capacity and Pitti Castings in Hyderabad has made the decision to expand its existing foundries adding higher performance machines that allows the foundry to be more present and aggressive in the market.

Recently, Craftsman Automation in Coimbatore has started building a new foundry for aluminium sand castings and has chosen IMF to supply and install a fully automated moulding line with thermal reclamation plant.

Commenting on the recent success in the Indian market Ciro Radice, executive vice president, said: “Thanks to IMF automatic moulding lines, Indian foundries can be competitive in the global market. The manpower costs have been drastically reduced, no more than 10 workers are required to run a big mechanised moulding line, the possible human errors have been reduced and the quality and the consistency of the final castings have been increased at a very competitive price.”

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