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Diecasters shown how to save up to 85% off whole life running costs

Diecasters were told how to save up to 85 per cent off the whole life running costs of diecast machinery when they attended a talk by Ultraseal International at a two-day colloquium in Germany in May.
They were introduced to the benefits of switching from a conventional water-based die lubricant to a water-free die release agent that can be applied by an electrostatic spray, Lubrolene WFR-EC.
Tim Butler, head of special projects at Ultraseal International, told visitors to the Aalener Giesserei Kolloquium 2015 about the significant cost savings and the improvement in casting quality achieved with the electrostatic spray.
“Water-free die lubricants save truly significant amounts on the whole-life running costs principally because they greatly extend the life of expensive die moulds when compared to conventional water-based lubricants,” explained Butler.
“Die moulds have to be replaced far less frequently and require much less maintenance during their extended lifetimes, and the quality of castings is high. Electrostatic spray takes water-free die lubricants to the next level.”

Reaching the parts others can’t
Butler continued: “Lubrolene WFR-EC applied by electrostatic spray can reach the farthest parts of a complex die mould that were previously hard to cover, such as the back of a core pin in an automotive casting.
“It is a development that confers great advantages to diecasters, both in cost, environmental benefits and casting quality.”
The Lubrolene series of water-free die lubricants was developed by the Aoki Science Institute of Japan, which has granted exclusive European distribution rights to Ultraseal International.
Water-free die lubricants’ main advantage is extending the die life of the die mould and reducing maintenance costs, but there are other important benefits.
Far less die lubricant is required - Lubrolene water-free die lubricant requires only 1/800th of the volume that would be required of a water-based release agent, and with electrostatic spraying, only 1/1000th.
The quality and thickness of the die lubricant film on the die mould is also superior with water-free die lubricants, and even better when these are electrostatically applied.
Quality of castings is also enhanced - rejection rates for parts are lower when Lubrolene WFR-EC is used than they would be if a conventional water-based die lubricant or water-based concentrates were applied.
Ultraseal International is a leader in the design and manufacture of vacuum impregnation machinery and porosity sealants, including the recycling sealant Rexeal 100™, which is a global benchmark. 
As well as its headquarters in UK, joint ventures in China and India, operation in the United States and office in Japan, Ultraseal International has a renowned job processing shop in Germany, Sterr & Eder Industrieservice GmbH, based at Velden, near Munich.
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