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A powerful revolution

The latest digital control system from Inductotherm Europe Ltd has placed harnessing power and its efficient use as a central aspect, helping to save foundries using induction melting equipment both time and ultimately money.

Essentially the Meltminder® 300™ Melt Shop Control and Management System provides the furnace operator with the tools needed to precisely control and monitor the entire melting process, from charging to melting to tapping. By providing a broad range of immediate data, the system enables the foundry to monitor, evaluate and plan melt shop operations. Via the melting control system, temperature based controls can calculate up to designated temperatures and apply holding power to reduce energy usage. This control system also provides automated sintering and cold start features.

Utilising the latest industrial protocols, the system facilitates precise and highly responsive management of the melting process, which in turn means a more consistent and proficient working practice that directly benefits the bottom line. By regulating the power supply using charge weight and other parameters, and following a predictive software temperature model, the system controls and polices the melting process from the start of the melt to pouring temperature. The system also monitors energy consumption – an essential requirement to allow the company to assess the way in which energy is being used and apply the most efficient procedures to minimise costs and meet environmental responsibilities.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the ethos is to capture and use data in the most appropriate way, thus Meltminder® 300™ provides comprehensive data logging and detailed data generation, along with displaying melting system operational diagnostics. It also interfaces with the plant network for total compatibility. Customers have access to a comprehensive MySQL database as well as variables within the PLC, providing limitless access to operational data. The system also controls the power supply during sintering and cold-start modes to follow a predefined temperature profile.

Managing director Jon Stear explained: “Automating a process is just part of the move towards driving the industry forward, nowadays access to immediate data is fundamental to enable a foundry to make operational melting process decisions based on relevant and genuine information. Effective real-time monitoring is vital for our industry to be even more efficient and meet Industry 4.0 principles.”

The Meltminder® 300™ Melt Shop Control and Management System is PLC-based and takes the features of Inductotherm’s previous melt control systems a step further. With easy-to-use and intuitive screens and robust industrial hardware, the system is user friendly. Its graphical presentation of operational data also makes the information clearer and easier to understand.


  • Control and policing of the complete melt cycle.
  • Automated and fully programmable control of furnace sintering.
  • Real-time monitoring of furnace charging with load cells.
  • Comprehensive data logging and detailed data generation.
  • Touch-screen remote display for furnace operator use.
  • Real-time modelling of furnace bath temperature.
  • Cold start schedule control.
  • System operation diagnostics.
  • Interface with plant network.
  • Energy consumption monitoring

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