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Comfortable PPE highlighted with new video series

As part of its Workers’ Choice campaign, 3M is releasing a series of videos highlighting why comfort and fit is so important when it comes to personal protective equipment (PPE).

The four-part series builds on the campaign, which launched earlier this year, and is aimed at encouraging employers to involve their workers in the PPE selection process to ensure maximum compliance.

In the first video, which promises lots of good humour, the science-based technology company highlights the importance of well-fitting eyewear.

Like hardhats and high visibility jackets, eye protection is increasingly becoming a permanent fixture on sites, with more companies introducing it as a mandatory policy. However, there is still an issue with compliance as workers often shun their protection because it is uncomfortable to wear.

Workers may find that their existing protective eyewear feels too tight and uncomfortable or is too loose a fitting, which can result in it slipping off during use, or leave too large a gap between the spectacles and the eyes.

If eyewear feels uncomfortable, workers may be tempted to take it off completely or try to adjust it during their work activities. This can lead to non-compliance and employees not being protected against potential hazards.

George Elliott, technical service engineer at 3M, said: “Non-compliance can often be attributed to the comfort and fit of the protection. No two people are exactly the same, so eyewear has to be able to adapt to each individual.”

The new video features 3M’s innovative SecureFit protective eyewear, which offers protection, comfort and style. It self-adjusts to fit a broad range of head sizes and helps to reduce frame slippage. It also has soft, adjustable nosepads to allow for even more comfort and comes in a range of lens shades.  

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